Repeating The Signal

Configuring the JW54APM wireless repeater with SOHO master.

Connecting your Device's

Windows Configuration.

SOHO Configuration.

JW54APM configuration

WEP Settings




How to Configuring the JW54APM wireless repeater with a SOHO master.



Connecting your Device's


1. Connect your Laptop/PC, JW54APM and

Soho to a Switch or hub with straight LAN

cable's. (RECOMMENDED)


2. Connect the SOHO and JW54APM individually to your PC/Laptop using a CAT5 crossover cable.



Windows configuration

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Set your windows network for multiple addresses.

            1.   Go to your network adapter properties





            2. Select Tcp Ip and click on Properties



           3. Select Advanced





            4. Add to the Ip addresses list AND Add to the Ip address list.




5. Click Ok to apply, Click Ok on tcp/ip properties page and ok on the Network Connection .Properties.



SOHO configuration

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            1. Establish http connection to the Soho.

             Password = 0000





            2. Go to Data . WLAN . Repeater





            3. Fill in the repeaters mac address (acquire from webadmin of the repeater) in the space provided.


            4. Go to Data- Wlan . Configuration




            5. Select the channel you want to use. (must be static)




            6. Get the SSID and the BSSID (Mac address) of the SOHO.




            7. Click ok and reboot.



JW54APM configuration

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1. Plug you AP onto the LAN and change your PC/Laptop Ethernet settings to the range.

2. Connect to with your internet browser.

Username = guest

Password = guest



3. Set AP Mode to AP . WDS (wireless distribution centre)


4. Use the same SSID and channel as the SOHO


5. Go to WDS Setting


6. Add wireless bridge BSSID.(the Mac address of the soho)



WEP Settings

If you plan on using encryption (recommended) use the same settings for both the soho and the repeater. If you are using the same network for both your wi-fi phones and network equipment you run the risk of exposing your data to anyone that comes into Wi-Fi range.




Place the device by registering a wi-fi phone to the soho establishing a call and walking away from the SOHO. When the WIP phone start beeping you are going out of range. Place the repeater within the range for best performance.


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